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Thinking 'bout: Full Time

I have many questions about the hand holding this sparkler. Here are the top ones: 1. where is it that cold on the Fourth of July? and 2. If this isn't the Fourth, than it's a wedding? Who wears a sweater like that to a wedding? 3. Do people use sparklers on NYE?

When I started pursuing voice over work seriously in 2015, I started dreaming of a day when I would go full time. One day, it would all click. The scales would neatly tip at the end of a school year, signaling that it was time: I would have enough regular work to quit my teaching job and transition neatly into VO.

No phrase I could write about COVID-19 wouldn't sound cliche here, but you get it. It's not how it happened. The daydream of quitting for full time always felt like a fireworks show finale; going full time from a stable job in a pandemic is like when your uncle lets you light all of the sparklers from the box at once: it's super exciting, but also terrifying, and you check five times there's a safety bucket of water near you before you do it. (Streeeeeeeeeeeetch goes the metaphor!)

I suppose, objectively, now is the exact wrong time in history to make the decision to quit my job and bank on the dream. But, I don't know that I really even made the school was going to expect me to work full days in person, or on Zoom if (when) circumstances dictated we must go online. That would mean my one year old daughter would go back to daycare in a pandemic, and that was a deal breaker.

And as I reflect on it now, I think that's how the "decision" was always going to go- I don't know that it would have happened without a push. I'm ready for this. I've trained for this. I've got the demos and the clients and the drive for this.

But would I have ever jumped in and trusted myself if I kept waiting for the fireworks finale?

Or did I need a slightly inebriated uncle of a situation to hand me a fat stack of sparklers to really get this party started?

Regardless, here we are, and I'm thrilled. Look for more coming out of my home studio, and I wish you all the best in this wild world. Stay safe.