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Thinking 'bout: Perspective

"Zoom zoom."

-That kid from those Mazda commercials

This will be a short post. I'm sleepy. I just put my one week old down to write this post, then she woke up. We ate a bit, walked around, and now I'm back.

And that's what this post is about: my daughter and perspective. Right now, I'm finishing up a yearbook at school, proctoring exams, finishing grades, building a voice over business (three new gigs in this past week), and attending grad school. But, not all that can happen at once- especially when I'm dad.

My daughter, Thea, turned one week old today. In her short time on earth, has reinforced my need for perspective. Here are my thoughts:

1. You've got time. You can take breaks, you can focus on things that need your attention immediately.

2. Breathe. Once upon a time, that's all anyone needed you to do to make them feel better. (Seriously, raising an infant is terrifying.)

3. You can do more than you think you can. You can work harder than you think you can. You can operate on less sleep than you think you can...

4. ...but also, sleep. Just being alive can be hard sometimes. Remember number 1.

So, I've been thinking about perspective...

There are things in this world that need to matter above all else, and there are things that don't. Zoom out regularly, so you can know the difference.