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Thinking 'bout: Creation


"Let's get crazy."

- Bob Ross

Monday, my wife and I had our 38 week pregnancy appointment. Our doctor basically said our first child is set to come any day now. I'm thrilled. I'm terrified. My focus is all over the place, but I am thinking a lot about creation as a result.

I'm not going to tell you the things you create are your babies. God, can you imagine if that were true? Why would you ever create anything? That's a crushing amount of responsibility. I love writing this blog, but if I were to just stop one day, it would just sit here and do nothing. If I did the same to my impending child, the best thing that could come of that is a thrilling story of revenge, hopefully set in a dark sci-fi future.

Nope. Creating isn't makin' babies. It's just a wonderful thing to do.

Here's a recent example of a recent, non-human creation of mine. The other day, I auditioned to voice act a parrot in a video game. I had woken up at 5:30 to record a script for a booked gig and was feeling inspired. So, I opened some auditions from a P2P site and saw the parrot spot. I didn't have a lot of time before I had to get a shower and get ready to leave for my day job, so I read the speck, watched the inspiration video, and then just hopped into the booth to play.

I read some lines. I made some parrot noises. I vibed into a new style, made some more noises. In just a few minutes, I felt like I really got in touch with the emotional depth and complexity of this fictional tropical bird.

I was the bird.

I always had been the bird.

I was parrot alpha and omega.

I submitted the audition, with a little note on my process, and ended with "regardless of if we work together or not, all the best with your project. It seems like a blast!" Because I meant it. The games seems really cool.

And I don't think I'll get it and I don't care. I got to be a parrot for a few minutes before I left for my work day, and that's more than enough for me. I just love that somewhere in the world there's a VR game with a mouthy parrot. Someone's making that. They're spending their time on earth creating that and giving it to other people.

I like that.

There was a time in my life where I would have agonized over that audition. I would have second guessed it, insisted it be perfect, and I might not have even sent it out for fear of rejection, imperfection, or any other useless fear.

But that's stupid. It's making a baby out of a decidedly non-baby thing.

So, I've been thinking 'bout creation:

If you're creating a baby, then by all means, stress.

If you're creating pretty much anything else, do so joyfully. It's not your baby. It doesn't need you. It's just a wonderful thing. Wonder in it, enjoy it, and let it go.

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