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Thinkin' bout: support moves


"Not too firm, not too soft. All Casper mattresses feature our signature “just right” feel."

--The Casper Mattress Website

Admittedly these blog posts are mainly leaning towards improv, but as improvisers like to say "improv advice is life advice!"*

A support move is any move made in an improv scene to endorse, encourage, or otherwise aid the action at hand. It can be as simple as handing the improv doctor the scalpel she asked for, or it can be as complex as becoming the roller coaster that doctor is riding.

My life is undeniably better since I started doing improv. There are many reasons why that is, but one of the big reasons is that it has trained me to look for support moves in life. Not every scene is about you. Not every situation in life is about you. Most aren't, and so you're job is to support them. To hopefully improve the lives of the people around you.

Instead of immediately questioning a bold statement someone makes that I don't fully understand, how can I make that person feel more comfortable with helping me understand?

We tend to assume other people have everything all figured out. They don't. We don't. We're all just making it up as we go. And just like in an improv scene, in life, the best thing to do when someone makes a bold move** is to support them.

So if someone trusts you, loves you, challenges you, believes in you, support them a little or a lot.

If someone trusts themselves, loves themselves, challenges themselves, believes in themselves, support them a little or a lot.

So, I've been thinking 'bout support moves. And...

You can be as simple as the scalpel. You can be as big as the roller coaster. You can be anything in between. Just be supportive.

*We say this to justify talking about improv all of the time, always.

** There are obviously bold statements and moves you should not support. No one should ever buy a bucket hat.

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